2 medium sized cucumbers

1 beetroot

4 rainbow chard leaves

1/2 a pink lady apple

2 handfuls of Thai basil

2cm knob of ginger

Juice of one lemon


Put all ingredients, aside from the lemon, through a juicer. I like to put the less juice things, i.e. the ginger and Thai basil in followed by the juicier, i.e. the cucumber so that all the goodness gets flushed through.

Hand squeeze the lemon juice, add and stir through and drink up!!

This juice is super hydrating, detoxifying, anti inflammatory, packed full of vitamins like C, K, B’s and , and minerals such as iron, manganese, potassium, calcium, zinc the list goes on and on. It’s great for the skin, liver and digestion. It’s pretty much the whole package. The Thai basil gives it an interesting and delicious tang, not to mention the incredible antimicrobial benefits, it even helps to calm you down by way adaptogens. There is too many good things about this recipe to include them all! I would be writing all day.

I’m going to be making this juice a whole lot from now on. Hope you try and enjoy!!